Revolutionary protection from e-mail threats. 

Connexus SafeMail is a cutting-edge security system which blocks and eliminates email spam and viruses before they have a chance to reach your servers. SafeMail comes as a complementary service when you choose to have your Business Email hosted through Connexus.

Why Connexus SafeMail?

Spam wastes time, money and company data. Viruses pose a threat to internal systems and businesses as a whole. Now, more than ever, businesses need secure protection from increasingly sophisticated email threats. SafeMail was designed to be one of the most effective mail-filtering product available. It can reduce unwanted email volume by up to 98.4%, keeping your resources and staff free to be productive. 

Unparalleled protection

Email messages intended for your network are received at the Connexus SafeMail gateway and subjected to numerous protection strategies including; IP level filtering, username harvesting protection, customised antispam analysis (Bayesian), Denial of Service attack prevention and catchall processing, amongst others.

Each message is subjected to stringent anti-virus testing using two individual anti-virus engines. Any infected message or attachment is immediately intercepted and logged for review. The result - only clean, safe, relevant messages are released to our customer’s mail servers.

Connexus SafeMail offers:

  • One of the most effective Spam protection solutions offered by an Australian ISP
  • Stringent anti-virus testing and two separate anti-virus search engines
  • Back-up mail server and Email Archiving - messages are received and stored
  • SMS alert for important messages 
  • Customise level of sensitivity of spam filtering and security
  • Message redirection to selected emails based on selected trigger criteria.

You can you change your spam filtering options at any time to suit yourself. This is done easily through the web interface or domain. You can choose your spam to be:

Discarded – It’s safe to let SafeMail discard spam.
Tagged – This adds the text ‘[SPAM?]’ to the subject line.
Reported – This won’t discard or tag spam, it will just show in reports.
You can also easily adjust SafeMail’s sensitivity levels, anywhere from low to extreme.

Spam wastes time and money. It reduces your business’s productivity and increases employee frustration. And it’s on the increase, much of it in new, more sophisticated forms. Up to 98.6% of all e-mail sent to our customers is spam.
The good news is, Connexus SafeMail finds and filters e-mail threats and annoyances with incredible accuracy. This makes us one of the most effective and safest ISP spam gateways in Australia.

Image Spam

Image spam is growing at an alarming rate. These are e-mails that appear as a picture rather than text and are more difficult to filter.
Using sophisticated analysis techniques, SafeMail filters and tags image spam, giving your business an extra level of protection.

The Ultimate in Anti-Spam

SafeMail was developed with one goal: to be the best mail-filtering product available. We’re confident that we have succeeded. Competitors use quarantine boxes and black/white lists, but we think filtering technology needn’t be complex. SafeMail makes it simple - you can trust that only legitimate e-mails are going through.
SafeMail works with Connexus hosted mailboxes or it can scan mail before it is forwarded to a customer’s mail server. Either way, it can reduce unwanted mail volume by up to 98.4%, keeping your resources and staff free to be productive

SafeMail provides you with robust protection form a diverse range of Viruses. Between our anti-spam and anti-virus cutting-edge technologies, you can be sure the widest range of e-mail threats are eliminated. Each message is scanned by two separate anti-virus engines, any infected messages are immediately stopped and logged for your review.

SafeMail removes infected macros and binary attachments before they reach your server and clog up your network. This means your company’s network resources are better utilised, and expensive AV service licensing fees are reduced.

SafeMail makes sure only clean e-mails reach your inbox. You choose the level of sensitivity to spam filtering – it’s easily adjustable through the Domain Pilot interface. All e-mail addressed to your domain is; removed or tagged if it is spam, checked for viruses cleaned, before being then forwarded onto your mail server.

This feature delivers any e-mails addressed to your domain to a different address if particular keywords, sender addresses or subjects are found. For your records, it can copy any e-mail that matches a certain customer, product or case number to another e-mail address.

SafeMail Interception lets users be alerted about important e-mails via SMS. Messages matching your search criteria can be copied to another e-mail address and have their subject lines sent to a mobile phone.

The SafeMail archiving system is a fail-safe way to store all the e-mails your business sends and receives.

The SafeMail archiving system:

  • Copies all e-mails to DVD or CD and posts them to you by mail
  • Encrypts the DVD or CD with a pass-phrase, making it unreadable to unauthorised parties
  • Captures e-mails before delivery to the customer, is tamper proof and cannot be lost in internal backup procedures
  • Stores e-mails in two files per user, e.g. bob_sent.enc and bob_received.enc. These can be easily restored or imported into your e-mail program
  • Allows your company to comply with laws governing the maintenance of electronic correspondence

You can view a live log of all e-mails; senders, receivers and the subject lines. This feature shows the effectiveness of SafeMail’s anti-spam technology.

All users can safely access e-mail anywhere at any time. Available at, it can be customised to include your company logo and has preferences that allow staff to easily access e-mail when out of the office.