Connexus Hybrid Internet

Multiple data technologies deployed in one robust connectivity solution

Connexus Hybrid is delivered by deploying primary high speed connectivity alongside secondary 'redundant' infrastructure. This innovative solution means that if the primary connection is lost, the service will continue to operate, eliminating downtime even in the event of a network outage in the area.

Hybrid ideal for:

  • High bandwidth requirements
  • Multi-site, networked business operations
  • Content applications
  • 10 + person office
  • Redundant solution - eliminate standard connectivity risks and enjoy maximum uptime
  • Geographical areas where bandwidth is constrained


  • Redundant link provides maximum availability
  • Highly robust, reliable communication service
  • Superior features and high symmetrical speeds
  • Low latency
  • Scalability
  • 99.95% Service Level Agreement
  • Fully compatible with Connexus product suite

Why Connexus Hybrid Internet?

The Connexus Hybrid service is comprised of a symmetrical internet service bonded with ADSL2+ (typically provisioned using multiple copper lines). And with speeds up to 30Mbps/11Mbps, the hybrid solution is ideal for businesses utilising virtual private networks, content applications, remote backup or co-location.

The most robust connectivity service available

The solution comes with built-in redundancy, so your business can remain connected, avoiding the possibility of downtime should a network outage occur. This can be achieved because the Hybrid solution uses binary technologies - if one line goes down the service continues to operate.

Tailored to your business needs

Connexus Hybrid is one of a suite of corporate products that have been designed for our business clients. We offer unique throughput ratios engineered specifically to suit multi-site offices and companies with content delivery requirements. Having an in-house development team, we are able to mix and match technologies to suit the specific requirements of your individual business.