Website Support

See the list below for help tips on creating and establishing your new website:

Fancy putting yourself on the Web? You're invited to create your own Home Page on Connexus at no extra charge. We allocate 5 megabytes of storage space for each user. This amount of space is more than adequate for a decent number of pages including text, graphics and sound.

The address of your Home Page is based on your email address. For example, if your email address is then your Home Page address (URL) would be

For information about Business and Corporate WebSites, please contact our sales staff on 1300-133-888 or email We offer a range of competitively priced Web hosting services, including Domain Name Registration, Virtual Servers, and Web Authoring.

Writing HTML Documents

World Wide Web pages are written in a language called HTML, or Hyper Text Markup Language. If you are new to HTML, many HTML editors are available to simpify the process for you. Most editors are mouse-driven and require no knowledge of the HTML programming commands.

Important: Naming Conventions

The first page of your Home Page must be named index.html or index.htm This index file will be displayed to internet users when they access your Home Page.

Connexus operates a UNIX server which is case sensitive. When you create links to other documents (html pages, pictures etc) the filename in the link must exactly match the file you upload onto the Connexus server. For example, if you create a link for Information.html but the file you upload is named information.html (small i instead of capital I) then a "Not found" message will appear if that link is accessed. We suggest that you use lower case only for links and filenames to avoid problems.

After writing your HTML pages (click here for instructions), you will need to upload them to our Server before they can be accessed by the internet public.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is the easiest way to upload your files. For Windows users, we recommend the "WS-FTP" program. You can download the WS-FTP software by Clicking Here.

You can save this installation file to disk. Remember where you save it. When the download is completed, find the saved file and double-click it to run the WS-FTP installation program. You can then open WS-FTP.

WS-FTP Settings

After opening WS-FTP you will be prompted for "Session Properties".
Click the New button
Turn off the Anonymous option
Enter the following settings:
Profile Name: My Connexus Home Page
Host Name:
Host Type: Automatic Detect
User ID: your Connexus login name (in lower case)
Password: your password
Click "Save" to save your Session Profile for next time
Press OK when you are ready to connect to the server

Uploading by FTP

Once you have connected to the server, directory names will appear in the white box below the Remote System Name.

You must store all your Home Page files in your public_html folder. If a public_html folder is not listed you will need to click the MkDir button then enter public_html

Simply double-click the public_html folder name to open the folder. Now, look in the left hand side labelled "Local System" and navigate to the directory on your hard disk which contains your webpages.

To transfer your pages, simply click a filename in the Local System box then click the --> button on the screen to transfer from Local to Remote. Remember that the first page of your Home Page must be named index.html or index.htm

*Also remember to transfer any images you have used to create your Home Page.

When finished, click Exit